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Frequent Flyer

The Tortug'Air Frequent Flyer program is applicable to one way or round trip e-tickets used to fly on Tortug'Air schedule services. The flown e-tickets are used as payment toward free transportation on Tortug'Air's schedule services.

Frequent Flyer

Each passenger participating in this program must retain their Tortug'Air itineraries and e-tickets for each flight flown.

The used Itineraries and e-tickets can be exchanged at a Tortug'Air ticket office for a frequent flyer e-ticket.

e-tickets bought in conjunction with a package are also eligible for this program.

This frequent flyer program is Frequent Flyer not applicable to airline employees and their families or travel agents when traveling on reduced rate or non-revenue e-tickets.

The name used on the used itineraries and e-tickets must match the name given on the frequent flyer tickets of that itinerary.

Frequent Flyer e-tickets are non-endorsable and can not be redeemed for cash.

For each ten (10) e-tickets, normal round trip e-tickets one (1) positive space e-ticket will be awarded for the same routing. We will also allow combinations of one way and round trip e-tickets provided that the most restrictive rules will apply. Two one way e-tickets will be considered one round trip e-ticket.

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