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Travel/Tour Agents

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Travel Agents can count on Tortug Air convenient & reliable service. At Tortug Air we take your business seriously and can assure you of the best possible service to your clients.

Our web site uses a proven platform and the latest technology assuring you a quick transaction.

Our paper less system provides you with an e-ticket/boarding pass and a booking confirmation that can be faxed or e-mailed to the client immediately. Once at the airport, we will check the passenger's identification, check-in and board them on the aircraft.

We support the involvement of travel agents and the valuable business that can be shared. We encourage you to use the Internet as the gateway to making reservations with us, and believe that you will benefit greatly once you become accustomed to our site.

We encourage you to become one of our agents. It you are interested, please select the Sign-Up button below, fill out the form and if approved you will be able to make reservations immediately.

If you are an IATA registered Travel Agent, we pay commissions on your bookings. If you are not an IATA registered Travel Agent please contact us so we can arrange payment for your bookings.

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