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eRES Rail Price And Product Comparison

Summary of Support in eRES Rail
Function eRES Rail eRES Rail Extended eRES Rail Extended Plus
Passenger Booking Y Y Y
Itinerary Y Y Y
Unlimited Active Booking Range Y Y Y
Seat Assignment Y Y Y
Boarding Passes Y Y Y
Travel Agents Y Y Y
Definable Special Charges (animal kennels, etc.) Y Y Y
Pets Y Y Y
Unaccompanied Minors Y Y Y
Speed Mail/Small Packages Y Y Y
Frequent Traveler Application Simple Complete Complete
Accounting Y Y Y
Charter Operation Standard Extended Extended
Dining Car Applications N N Y
Corporate Customers Application Y Y Y
Inventory Management Y Y Y
Prepaid Bookings Y Y Y
Computer Generated Passenger ID Cards N N Y
Normal and Special Charges Y Y Y
Multiple Currency Support (Unlimited) Y Y Y
Check-in Y Y Y
Internet Check-in Y Y Y
Boarding Y Y Y
Baggage Control Y Y Y
BAR Code Support For Check-In and Boarding Y Y Y
Credit Card/Debit Card/Check Verification Manual Off-Line Automatic On-Line Automatic On-Line
Personnel Applications N N Y
Complete Realtime Up-To-The-Second Reporting Y Y Y
All languages supported Default American English, Y Y Y
Weight N Y Y
Cargo Simple Complete Complete
On-Line Booking Web Site Simple Good Excellent
Crew Scheduling N N Y
Interline Connection To Other Reservation Systems N Y Y
Dedicated Server With Unlimited Internet Bandwidth (n) Number Y (1) Y (2) Y (2)

eRES Rail Pricing Plans

eRES Rail is perfect for transportation companies. With a low startup cost and affordable monthly maintenance rates, it's easy to put a solid booking system on-line for your company. eRES Rail helps startup companies get going quickly with a full featured booking system, making sure your company gets off on the right foot.

Program Monthly Charge System Setup Install
eRES Rail US$495.00 US$495.00 US$495.00
eRES Rail Extended US$995.00 US$995.00 US$995.00
eRES Rail Extended Plus US$2,495.00 US$2,495.00 US$2,495.00

Payments are as follows:

  • Monthly Charge reoccurs each month, starting two months after you start to use the system.
  • System Setup is a one-time charge and is paid when the contract is signed.
  • Install is a one time charge and is paid after you have used eRES Rail for one month.

eRES Extensions

The eRES packages can include any specific modules that are part of the extended packages. We will supply you a price list if requested.

Extensions to the eRES extended package are done at no cost to you, if the extension is standard and can be sold at other customers. Non-standard extensions are done on a US$75.00 per hour basis.

Purchase Price

To purchase the system exclusively for your company (one company) the cost is 80 times the monthly maintenance charge.

If you purchase the system you are not required to keep in place the monthly maintenance contract.