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In the current economic climate saving money is one of the primary reasons for outsourcing. If your company is focused squarely on the bottom line, outsourcing offers you the opportunity to access the functionality of newer technologies without the cost and resource consumption that an internal implementation would require.

Outsourcing is a valuable service for a company that wants to save money, make things move more efficient, and above all to provide the best customer service possible.


Choosing the right outsourcing company is as important to a company as hiring employees. Ultimately what you are depending on is people skills, integrity, and character. Initially, look for an outsourcing company that has experience similar to those you expect to receive.

Our Offerings

We offer outsourcing where we assign and station employees at your company or we do the outsourcing at a different location than at your company. Of course we can do a combination of both depending on your requirements and desires.

We have locations and personnel at: Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Vancouver, United States, Africa, and the Netherlands Antilles. We speak fluent, with no accents, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Thai and Chinese.

Following is a general list of the outsourcing that Flight Data Management offers. If you are interested please contact us and we will put a proposal in place for you.

  • Company Start-up Outsourcing

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Selection Of The Proper Aircraft/Equipment
    • Certification
    • Airport/Station Contracts
    • Reservation Center
    • Office Support Required
    • Accounting
    • Bi-Lateral Agreements With Other companys
  • Customer's Interface

    We address your customer's interface to your company, specifically:
    • Service before and after the flight/trip/operation
    • Branding and strategic communications
    • Branding experience, website design and on-line social material
    • Aircraft/equipment Livery
    • Aircraft/equioment interior design and arrangement
    • Your companies agility to changing marketing conditions
  • Company Passenger Centers

  • Outstanding customer service is an essential component of every company's growth and success. However, if your reservation customer inquiry or help desk activity is higher than you can efficiently handle in-house, you may want to consider outsourcing these functions. Call centers can help you efficiently assist your customers by fielding calls, whether they are for technical support, addressing customer inquiries, or taking reservations. The areas to be consider by an company are as follows:

  • Passenger/Cargo/Charter Reservation/Booking Center

    Are you a cargo company looking to save money, but also insisting on quality?

    Then you have come to the right place. Flight Data Management, Ltd. offers outsourcing for cargo companies. We take care of the booking requests of your forwarder clients, cargo agents, companies and individuals and inform as well as advise them about all questions relating to freight handling. We can establish a warehouse facility for you at all of your stations, provide the personnel for the warehouse and also for the cargo operations.

    For passenger reservations centers we can handle the outsourcing locally or at a remote location.

    For either your customer or internal help desk we can handle them.

    You outsource, we step in for you - with the high quality you are used to getting from Flight Data Management.

    We are aiming at all companies that want to save money. Reducing costs through outsourcing should not result in any reduction in quality. We can tailor our service to meet your high demands.

    We can handle all of the process that link an organization to it's customers, which includes customer selection, customer acquisition, customer relationship.

  • Company Finance and Accounting

    • Company Accounting
    • Company Interline Proration
    • Revenue Coupon Processing
    • BSP Related Services
    • ACM Related Services
    • Company Financial Analysis and Support

    For a small monthly fee we can do your complete company accounting:

    • Provide each morning a detail analysis of yesterday's sales in terms of earned and unearned revenue to your management.
    • Provide statistical details by flight, route, fare code, promotions, by hour or for the day.
    • A monthly reconciliation of all company accounting functions. Supplying all results in an importable format to your accounting department for inclusion in the company's General Ledger.
  • IT Outsourcing

    The demand for offshore outsourcing will account for 28% of IT budgets in the World in the next few years.

    • Servers
    • Terminals
    • System Programming
    • Help Desk
  • Company Marketing and e-Marketing Support Services

    • Frequent Travler
    • CRM Processes Management
    • eMarketing and ePromotions Management
    • Mailing list by category
    • Market Research
  • Company Ground Services and Support

    • Company Centralized Departure Control
    • Company Centralized Load Control
    • Weight and Balance report.
    • Load Sheet
  • Terminals/Airports/Stations

    • Check-in
    • Boarding
    • Trip reconciliation
    • Back-Room
  • Company Decision Support

    • Company Data Mining and Processing
    • Company Data Analysis for Decision Making
  • Company Fares/Rules Support

    • Company Fares Research and Establishment
    • Loading/Entry and Maintaining Fares
    • Company Refunds Processing
    • ATPCO Fares/Rules Processing
  • Company Flight Support

    • Company Flight Schedule Research, establishment and maintenance
    • OAG Flight Filing/Updating
    • OAL Flight Filing/Updating
  • Company Business Process Re-engineering and Company Business Process Automation

    • Consulting, solutions development and support (BRP and BPA)
    • Company industry best practices consulting
    • Process improvement consulting and solutions
    • Work-flow automation consulting and solution development
  • Financial Outsourcing

    • Accounting
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Clearing Houses
    • Coupon Reconciliation