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In today's non-stop competition for passengers travel industry executives are aware that the more they know about their passengers, the more powerful they become in the marketplace allowing deeper market penetration. Travel organizations have taken multiple approaches to gather knowledge and to also improving their relationship with their passengers.

One thing is certain, a strong frequent traveler program is key to promoting a high level of customer loyalty and providing critical information for ongoing marketing analysis.

Our frequent traveler program enables travel organizations to maintain customer loyalty by offering recognition awards and incentives. It automatically tracks frequent traveler accounts including accumulation, reporting and redemption. The frequent traveler program is one hundred percent self administered in that your companies participation is not required in the operation or passenger usage of the frequent traveler application.


The following features and functions are provided:

  • Frequent traveler accumulation and redemption are automatically tracked and a running balance maintained.
  • Advanced customer service features create a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced fraud protection protects the travel organization and the passenger against misuse of the frequent traveler program.
  • A new approach to redemption of the accrued balance provides greater user satisfaction.
  • Earned value can be used to pay for fares, excess baggage charges, upgrades, reservation changes and charges for cancellation or no-shows. Passengers can even award their accumulated value to a charity.
  • Redemption by passengers, travel agents, corporate clients, other traveler organizations.
  • No redemption rules, no required mileage charts, no seat limitations, no blackouts.
  • The application is stand-alone and will work with any travel organization.
  • The frequent traveler application is one hundred percent IATA/ICAO/ATPCO/ISO compliant.
  • The frequent traveler application is written in Java which means it will run on any operating system.

The following chart compares the frequent traveler application to the existing frequent traveler applications currently available:

Function Frequent Traveler Other
Award Accumulation Automatic Automatic
Redemption Automatic Manual
User Reporting Automatic Manual In Most Cases
Published Rules None Yes
Award Mileage Requirements None Yes
Flight Black-Outs None Yes
User Reporting Automatic Manual In Most Cases
Seat Limitations None Yes

The frequent traveler program uses an established percentage of the passenger's flown fares for accruing credit or by the number of flights flown.

The frequent traveler application is stand-alone and can be interfaced to any reservation, check-in or boarding application.

The frequent traveler program automatically captures the passenger information, calculates the accrued credit for each passenger, allows passengers, travel agents, corporate customers or your agents to view frequent traveler credit status and to make redemptions for their customers.

The method of acquiring the data is a propirtatory method that gathers the data from your system automatically by an interface that captures the data from your system and makes it available to the eRES application. There is absolutely no programming to be done in your existing system other than links to the frequent flyer application.

Since passengers need to know their frequent traveler status an on-line application is provided that allows passengers to view their current value and also their past usage of the earned credit.

Automatic generated and emailed monthly reports for the passengers is provided or not depending on the marketing practices of your traveler organization.

The frequent traveler application allow the passengers, travel/tour agents, corporate customers and the other travel organizations to review the frequent traveler accounts. Security is maintained as the requesting party must be registered with the companies reservation system and also have the passenger's frequent traveler number.

Setup and tracking for bonus and special award programs is provided.

A new payment method called "Frequent Travel Credit" is added, as a link, to the reservation system so that everyone, your Agents, Travel/Tour Agents, Corporate Customers and Passengers, can book flights based on the passenger's or organization's earned credit. The redemption process allows the user to determine how much credit should be used.

Split payment allows booking using earned credit plus other forms of payments to make up the difference.

Frequent traveler bookings can be wait-listed if there are no seats available.

Configuration allows the earned credit to expire in a defined time frame or to remain in place until it is used.

Credits can be earned by passenger participating in outside events such as:

  • Hotels
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Retail Organization's Cash Sales
  • Credit Card Usage
  • Packaged Tours/Trips
  • Cruise Lines
  • Railroads
  • Bus Lines

Management Reports:

  • Earned mileage
  • Used Millage

The reports are configurable and provide detailed or summary reports by: travel organization, station or passenger and by time and date range. The reports are exportable to spread sheets by just selecting export as the output option.

Configurability provides the following to allow configure of the frequent traveler program as desired:

  • Split payment for awards
  • Logo
  • Frequent Traveler application rules
  • Presentation, on-line, for the frequent traveler program
    • Definition
    • Rules
    • User interface

The ability to automatically print frequent traveler cards on plastic or card board stock is provided.

Frequent Traveler Registration

An application is provided that allows the passengers to sign-up for the frequent traveler application.


As the passenger flies the fare for segment earned credit is placed into the passenger's database table located in the frequent flyer application. The flight information and fares are also retain.

If the passenger does not belong to the frequent traveler program no data concerning the frequent traveler program is maintained.

On multiple passenger itineraries the accrued mileage can, optionally, be applied to the individual passengers or to the person booking the itinerary.


The passengers, at their digression, can accumulate the needed credit to pay for a reservation or reservations. The passenger can apply the accumulated credit when they make a reservation. This may not be enough to pay for the reservation so split payment is evoked to allow the passenger to select the payment method they desire to cover the shortage on this reservation.

This process gives the passenger complete control over their frequent traveler program.


We will set up the interface that allows the frequent flyer data capture and if you are an travel organization that already has a reservation system installed we assist you in adding the links needed for the frequent traveler program into your reservations system at no cost to you.

The entire installation should take less than one day.

How To Order The Frequent Traveler Application

If you want to order or talk let us know via email Flight Data Management, Inc. and we will respond to you via email or telephone within 2 hours. Of course you can just telephone me.

Dr. James Monroe
Flight Data Management, Inc.
Telephone: +561 459-5402