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eRES Passenger Reservation System

This section contains a description of all of the eRES Passenger Reservations System's important features.

The differences between the eRES, eRES Extended and eRES Extended Plus configurations are shown on the chart eRES Pricing and eRES Product Comparison.

When we build your system the system is built as a secure dedicated private cloud. We include all of the modules in the eRES passenger reservation system and any supporting application that you might need. Your system will only have activated the exact configuration required by your company.

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If any time in the future you need something that is not active in your system we or you can activate it. Since eRES is built as a private cloud the eRES applications can be activated or de-activated at any time without the need for any additional programming or cost.

Up grading or down sizing is not a problem as all of our applications are based on standard modules and a standard ANSI relational SQL database. Since all eRES applications are available in your companies dedicated private cloud activation or de-activation only takes a few seconds.

Our programming is 100% JAVA and has no dependencies on outside applications. This allows our application maintenance staff to respond quickly to any problem as we have no external dependencies. This also means our applications are 100% operating system and data base independent.

Support of cell phones and tablets (iPad and others) to allow the entire system to be accessed. Your clients have complete access to all of eRES via their cell phones or tablets. This, for instance, means if one of your companies remote stations has no access to the Internet or electrical power the remote station can continue on-line via their cell phones, iPads, and/or tablets. It also means that clients can make and monitor bookings from anywhere in the world with their cell phones and tablets. Clients can access the trip following report via Facebook and report problems or get information from Twitter. Users can even scan the bar codes on the boarding passes and eTickets. Support for the older character based cellular telephones is also included. With our eRES application for cell phones we allow you to book reservation and see flight status via SMS texting.

The eRES system products included in your private cloud are:

  • eRES - On-line booking system for passenger reservations.
  • eRES - on-line reservation booking system.
  • All system programming required by the eRES reservation systems.
  • Dedicated server(s) located at Flight Data Management's location in Houston, Texas including connection to the Internet with unlimited utilization. Optionally back-up servers can be located at our or your location.
  • Support of cell phones, tablets, iPads and SMS to allow the entire system to be accessed.
  • A web site with on-line booking by passengers, travel agents, tour agents, corporate customers and other transportation companies.
  • Departure Control System
  • Operations Control Applications.
  • Passenger Interlining to IATA/ICAO standards
  • Speed Mail and Packages.
  • Automatic Credit/Debit Card clearing.
  • Boarding passes using 2D barcode.
  • Internet Check-In.
  • Seat Assignment.
  • Frequent Traveler Application, based on flown fares or earned trips.
  • Baggage Tag Printing.
  • Weight and Balance.
  • Crew tracking and scheduling application. The crew tracking program will be configured to the specifications provided by your company. Crew Tracking is included in the eRES extended plus package and is optional in the eRES and eRES Extended package.
  • For airline systems, an aircraft maintenance program that will track parts and aircraft required maintenance. The application will allow all maintenance rules, documentation, etc. to be maintained on-line for access by the airline's personnel. This application will be configured to the specification of the head mechanic of the airline. Aircraft Maintenance is included in the eRES extended plus package and is optional in the eRES and eRES extended packages.
  • Free interlining to other companies that have eRES installed.
  • Design and implementation of an on-line reservation website to your companies specifications. Your own website or one created by an outside graphic artist can be utilize if so desired.
  • Any additional reports needed by your company will be supplied at no cost.
  • The website will be in American English. All languages are supported, at no cost, but your company must provide a translation.
  • Flight Data Management provides you a turn-key installation.
  • An application that tracks and graphically reports the activity on the eRES site is included. This allows you to track every access to the system in detail.

We provide a service level agreement that guarantees 100 percent availability of all of our eRES systems, if the system fails we pay you.

If there is a modification that is needed and if it is something we can use with other companies, we do it at no cost. If is something that we cannot use on other companies we will provide a fixed price contract based on US$65.00 per hour. This also applies to new or different applications. This offer is always available to you no matter how long eRES is used at your company