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Hardware And System Programming Details

Summary of Support in eRES

Function eRES eRES Extended eRES Extended Plus
Passenger Reservations Y Y Y
eTickets Y Y Y
Unlimited Active Booking Range Y Y Y
Seat Assignment Y Y Y
2D Boarding Passes Y Y Y
Travel Agents Y Y Y
Definable Special Charges (skis, etc.) Y Y Y
Pets Y Y Y
Unaccompanied Minors Y Y Y
Speed Mail/Small Packages Y Y Y
Frequent Flyer Application Complete Complete Complete
Airline Accounting Y Full Extended
Charter Operation Yes Yes Complete
Catering Interface N N Y
Corporate Customers Application Y Y Y
Inventory Management Y Y Y
Prepaid Tickets (MCO) Y Y Y
Normal and Special Fares Y Y Y
Multiple Currency Support (Unlimited) Y Y Y
Check-in Y Y Y
Off-Site Check-in Y Y Y
Internet Check-in Y Y Y
Boarding Y Y Y
Baggage Control Y Y Y
Secure Flight - Passenger Information System Y Y Y
APIS - Advanced Passenger Information System Y Y Y
CAPS - Computer Assisted Passenger Screening Y Y Y
BAR Code Support For Boarding Pass Scanning Y Y Y
Credit Card/Debit Card/Check Authorization Y - Automatic
Y - Automatic
Y - Automatic
Personnel Records N N Y
Complete Realtime Up-To-The-Second Reporting Y Y Y
All Languages Supported Default English Y Y Y
Weight And Balance Y Y Y
Cargo Y Y Y
On-Line Booking Web Site Y Y Y
Flight Crew Scheduling N N Y
Aircraft Maintenance N Simple Full
Interline Connection To Other eRES Cargo and Passenger Reservation Systems Y Y Y
Interline Connection To Other eRES Systems Y Y Y
Host Travel Agencies Y - eRES Booking Only Y - Booking on any CRS Y - Booking on Any CRS Plus Back Room Applications
Dedicated Server With Unlimited Internet
Bandwidth Number Of Servers Included (n)
Y (1) Y (2) Y (2) Includes 4G Performance Control

Payments are as follows:

  • Monthly Charge reoccurs each month.
  • System Setup is a one-time charge and is paid when the contract is signed.
  • Install is a one time charge and is paid after the airline has used eRES for one month.

Program Monthly
eRES US$795.00 US$795.00 US$795.00
eRES Extended US$995.00 US$995.00 US$995.00
eRES Extended Plus US$2,495.00 US$2,495.00 US$2,495.00

To purchase eRES, eRES Extended or eRES Extended Plus multiply the monthly charge by 100.
If you purchase eRES the maintenance plan is mandatory.