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It has been forecast that commercial UAVs and drones will capture 12 billion US$ in the next decade. However, the practical issues are many. The technology to make UAVs operational is now in place. While the UAVs and drones are new and maturing the cameras and sensors that are used on the UAVs and drones are not new.

It is time, now, to evaluate and determine if implementing UAVs are appropriate for you. Implementing drones will effect your entire organization and you need the time to properly plan the integration of drones in order to seamlessly introduce them into your environment.


Some domestic uses of drones have already occurred, including access to military airspace, border patrol (both with Mexico and Canada), intelligence gathering on Mexican drug cartels, and use by a number of public agencies for research and, under special circumstances, law enforcement purposes.

The hobby UAVs, radio controlled model airplanes that can only be flown within line-of-sight are at present the majority of UAVs in use. These require certification but only have a few rules to follow. This is the mass market and will always remain in place. But this does not adequately cover the overall use of UAVs.


  1. Anyone would be foolish to implement UAVs that were not formally approved. The legal aspect would present a case that is undeniable.
  2. The commercial aircraft companies will certainly be the ones who will develop the acceptable UAVs. They already produce the military drones and Boeing will offer a new drone "Solar Eagle" sometime this year.
  3. The large overnight package/mail companies will be the first to implement UAVs. These will fly on a fixed route and schedule and in controlled airspace. Federal Express is already in a testing mode and hopes to be able to fly all of their mail and packages using UAVs. The USA mail will also move to UAVs to move their mail and packages very quickly.

We Offer The Following To Help You

Flight Data Management can supply the following to your company:

  • Drones/Aircraft we will design, build, have certified and maintain any size drone or aircraft needed by you.
  • Free and professional Consulting
  • Evaluate and recommend which UAVs fit your company/country
  • Seek and get all government approvals
  • We offer a maintenance contract
  • Education
    • Management
    • Employees
    • Pilots
    • IT
    • Accounting
  • You can outsource your entire UAVs project to us. Including the eRES interface that will interface any UAV to your companies existing programming in an easy and seamless method and if you wish the personnel required.

About Us

We have extended experience in this area and we have a product that interfaces UAVs to your current companies applications. We completed a contract with Chevron in Lagos, Nigeria that provided control of their 40 rotary wing aircraft that flew over their oil well platforms. The problems that needed solving were two fold: collision avoidance and being able to schedule flights based on the aircraft's resources .

Flight Data Management has 56 years of experience, starting in 1961, in the transportation industry. We have 210 clients in 36 countries and have employees and offices worldwide. For details on Flight data Management select About Flight Data Management.

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