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Summary of Support in eRES Departure Control Application

Description Limited Departure
Check-in Y Y
Boarding Y Y
Display Schedule by Location Pair Y Y
Display All Schedules From Specific Dates and Locations Y Y
Display All Bookings On A Manifest Y Y
Create A Booking Y Y
Unlimited Date Range For Future Bookings Y Y
Minimum Connection Timetable N Y
Create/Print Manifest Y Y
Auto Pricing Y Y
Currency Conversion Y Y
Display/Amend Manifest Y Y
Print Pre and Final Manifest Y Y
Customer Profile Y Y
Management Reporting System Y Y
Dangerous Goods Y Y
Weight And Balance N Y
Revenue Accounting System Y Y
On-Line Schedule Change Y Y
Dedicated Server(s) With Unlimited Internet Bandwidth (Number) Y (1) Y (2)
Credit Card/Debit Card/Check Verification Off
Off line or
Automatic On-Line
On-Line Booking Web Site Y Y

Payments are as follows:

  • Monthly Charge reoccurs each month.
  • System Setup is a one-time charge and is paid when the contract is signed.
  • Install is a one time charge and is paid after you have used eRES departure for one month.

Program Monthly Charge System Setup Install
Limited US$595.00 US$595.00
Departure US$795.00 US$795.00

To purchase the departure application multiply the monthly charge by 100. If you purchase eRES the maintenance plan is optional.