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Flight Data Management, Inc. Corporate Overview

Progress of Transportation

Flight Data Management offers a comprehensive line-up of products and support for the entire transportation industry:

  • Passenger Reservations
  • Bus Booking System
  • Cargo Booking
  • Charter Booking
  • Interlining
  • Departure/Arrival Control
  • Ground/Dock/Station Operations System
  • Financial Accounting System
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Crew Scheduling
  • Maintenance System

All of our products are one hundred percent ISO/IATA/ICAO/ATPCO standard compliant.

All of our products are completely integrated and utilize a central relational database.

Our products are Intranet and Internet aware and utilize both as solutions for our product's communication networks.

Each of our products are written in JAVA to provide complete reliability and portability across all operating systems and hardware platforms.

Flight Data Management provides consulting and outsourcing for the following transportation industry areas:

  • Start-Up Consulting and Outsourcing
  • Support Consulting and Outsourcing
  • Network Consulting and Implementation

Flight Data Management has been in business since 1991 as an entity and its parent company Flagstaff Engineering was founded in 1967. Flight Data Management was spawned to produce transport industry related products and has produced a line of products that span this industry. Flagstaff Engineering was closed in 1992 and replaced by TruData Company Limited as the parent company of Flight Data Management.


The red dots on the map above represent our business and development locations:
  • Bangkok, Thailand - Sales and Development Office
  • Boynton Beach, Florida, USA - Executive Office
  • Curacao, Netherlands Antilles - Sales and Support Office
  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa - Sales, Development and Support Office
  • Papua New Guinea - Sales, Development and Support Office
  • Singapore - Network Consulting and Dedicated Server Facility
  • Tokyo, Japan, translations and graphic development
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Sales and Support

The yellow dots on the map represent the location of our major Business Partners:

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Manila, Philippines


FDM is comprised of senior members, support staff, and associate consultants. Each FDM member has many years of experience. The executive team includes:

Dr. James Monroe, President.

James started in the computer industry as an IBM employee. He worked for IBM as an senior application consultant, working with major transportation industry companies. Jim holds a associate degree in Electronics, a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and PHD in Computer Science.

Pawntep, Corporate Consultant

Pawntep has been associate with the airline industry for the past 14 years. He earned an under graduate degree in programming and a masters degree in mathematics at Bangkok, Thailand.

Fabio, Latin America Marketing Director.

Fabio has been associated with the airline industry for the past fifteen years as a marketing consultant in Latin America for his own company. He holds an MBA from Colombia, South America.

Guenther, European Marketing Director

Guenther has over thirty-five years of experience as a program development manager for IBM Germany. He was a programming manager for the original European AMADEUS project.

Stella, Manager, Flight Data Management's Singapore office

Stella manages our Singapore office. She has a degree in Computer Science specializing in Network Engineering. She has 16 years experience in design and implementation of ISP installations.

Sam Tonny, Manages Flight Data Management's Asia Operation

Sam manages our transportation operation for Asia and is located in Papua New Guinea. Our branch in Papua New Guinea, Famest Transport Service (FTS) is a fully owned subsidary of Flight Data Management. Sam is in charge of our offices in PNG.

Ratchatawan, Development Manager Bangkok, Thailand

Ratchatawan is the manager in charge of development in Bangkok, Thailand. holds a Bachelor of Computer Programming.

Enoga, Manager, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Enoga manages our Canadian office in Vancouver. She has over 15 years experience in the airline industry, specializing in corporate management, passenger reservations, departure control and flight operations.

Business Partners

Our business partners are:

Our major business associates are:

Advent Computer Services, Ltd.
P.O. Box 8080
8, Montieth Lane
Egmore, Madras
600 008, India

Ashford International, Ltd.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Creative Computing, Inc.
Republic Glass Building
196 Salcedo Street
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

We are listed on Dun & Bradstreet, USA
Flight Data Management DUNS: 03-646-6936>

If there is anything that we have left un-answered please contact me either by email Flight Data Management, Inc. or telephone.

Dr. Jim Monroe
Flight Data Management, Inc.
Telephone: +561 459-5402 This telephone connects to me no matter where in the world I am located
Skype: fdminc