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If you are interested in our products and want to continue here are the steps as we envision them.

If you provide us with basic information about your company we will prepare a detailed proposal for your company at no cost and no obligation to you. We can do this in one working day at your request.

Our approach is to first find our what your company is interested in and what your needs are.

We are installed at many companies and international countries, from this we will select three or four companies, where we are installed that match your profile, get their permission, and allow you to view a real on-line system. This eliminates all chances of not having what we offer. If after your review you would like to contact the companies we will get their permission for you to do this.

In most cases the companies will allow you to send personnel to their location to view the system in operation and to answer all of your questions.

Selecting The Correct Product Set

In order for use to be able to understand who you are and what your needs are we will ask that you tell us:

  • Who you are? If you have web site please let us see it.
  • What country or countries are you or will you operate in?
  • Are you new or an established company?
  • What is the size of your company in terms of aircraft/trains/busses/ships, passengers per month, expected growth, etc.?
  • Are you a passenger, cargo or charter company, or perhaps a combination of these?
  • Do you have a certificate or will you apply for one? If you have a certificate, which one and are there any restrictions?
  • Will or does your company interline to other companies?
  • How many stations that you service from and to?
  • Provide us any special requirements that you might have.

With this information we will be able to determine your needs now and in the future. These questions can can be answered by a telephone call ( +561 459-5402 USA ) or via an email at to us.


We can install the complete system in one day, this does not mean you can use it in one day unless you supply us the information needed to define completely your company. If you are well prepared you can be on-line in 2 days. We just installed in a mid-sized company in Mexico and from the time we signed the contract to their start-up was 22 hours.


To start up you or your employees do not need to be educated on our products. When we do the installation we will load all routes, fares, rules, baggage charges, etc. so that when we turn the system over to you it is operationally turn-key.

There are training courses for your agents, travel agents and corporate customers contained in the system. Each major area has help text that graphically shows you how the function works and how to use it.

We provide complete training at your or our site at no cost to you. This training takes from one to two weeks depending on the depth that you want. If we are required to train at a location other than one of our locations your company must pay for our travel and living expenses. There is never a charge for education itself as long as we are installed at your company.

The classes are divided into groups so each area of your company is trained on their area. Each area is covered in one day. Only your help desk and supervisory personnel should attend all classes.

If we are training locally at your company we are available to train the travel agents and corporate customers in their use of the system.

Our personnel are available for assignment to you company. For the companies first month, using our product, the only cost to you is their travel and living expenses. If they stay on beyond one month then you will be responsible for a negotiated salary, paid directly to them. In this case the company is responsible for the visa and an all expenses associated to their extended assignment.

On-going support

We impose a reoccurring monthly mandatory maintenance charge for use of our products. This charge is in the contract and does not change. Other than the start-up and installation payments there are absolutely no other charges to your company. The exception is if we have to travel for your company you must pay the travel and living expenses.