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Mainenance Contract


The maintenance contract provides the following support to your company:

  1. 7/24/365 problem resolution with a live person, this includes update request for emergency fares schedules, etc..
  2. Proactive problem determination. eRES monitors every operation to assure that the data being used is within limits, is viable and appropriate. eRES monitors every operation to insure it is completed correctly. If there is a soft or hard error a message is formatted and sent to the eRES maintenance departments. The deviation is analyzed immediately and a resolution put into place without the user, in most cases, being aware there was a deviation. The eRES maintenance departments are strategically located in seven time zones around the world so 7/24/365 support is maintained.
  3. All updates and version are installed at no additional cost to your company.
  4. Any modification requested, if we can use it on other companies, is done at no cost.
  5. We will update your routes, fares, rules, weight and balance definition, conversion rates, baggage charges, charges, cargo rates, cargo rules or anything else that needs to be done to maintain your booking system. This makes your company turn-key in that all you have to do is to define what you want and we make it work. We provide to you all of the tools to do it yourself if you want to.
  6. Education is free as long as you come to one of our locations. If we need to travel to your location then you must pay our moving and living expenses.
  7. On site personnel is provided at no charge for the first month after we complete the installation. Your company is responsible, for Flight Data Management employees assigned to your location, for their travel and living expenses.

    If you wish to keep our employees at your location after the one month period, you are responsible for a negotiated salary and their living and travel expenses. In this case you are responsible for any necessary documentation required by your local government. This employee can handle a class to teach your instructors during their one month assigment to your location.

    Under no circumstances are you allowed to hire our employees directly as your employee.


The maintenance contract is mandatory, it protects your company as we will keep the system up-to-date and error free. It protect us as we know exactly what is installed at your company, which makes it easier to maintain.

But of importance it is how we charge you for the use of our system. The charge for the maintenance contract is a monthly re-occurring payment and other than the start-up and installation payment the maintenance charge is the only payment you will ever have to make to us.

To make sure you understand completely:

  1. When you sign the contract with us you pay the equivalent of one month's maintenance charge. This payment is used to cover:
    • The cost of obtaining and installing your dedicated server(s)
    • The cost of establishing the Internet connections of the server and the first months payment to the Internet company.
    • The cost of the SSL security certificate for your dedicated server.
    • The salary of our IT person assigned to your account for the server installation.
    • The cost to train your personnel.
  2. The second payment is due after you have used the system live for one calendar month. This payment is the maintenance charge. This payment covers the following expenses:
    • The salaries of the programmers assigned to you.
    • The monthly payment for the server and Internet connection.
    • Our profit.

    Once we install your system you have one month before the first payment is due. We understand that you might not get started on-time in this time frame due to internal problems in your company. if this is the case we will forgo the installation complete payment until you have used the system for one month. There is a limitation of this period and after three months after the installation is complete you have not yet used the system the monthly maintenance charge will be made active. Of course at this instance you can also terminate your contract with us. In termination there is nothing due to Flight Data Management.

    Even if you purchase the right to use the system by paying 100 times the monthly maintenance charge, the maintenance charge remain in place.

    Why would you purchase a license to use the reservation system on perpetuity basis and still commit to pay the maintenance charges?

    The answer is simple all things in the reservation system are provided so you can change or modify the system as you see fit. Many companies purchase the right to use the system forever and then hire their own programmers to modify the system so it is theirs to do with what they want as long as it is only used on the single company it was meant for.

    You can pay off the maintenance contract by paying 40% (percent) of the purchase price. If you elect to do this then you must take care of the maintenance yourself.