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Hardware And System Programming Details
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Dedicated Server(s)

The larger systems, eRES extended and eRES extended plus, have two dedicated servers.

The two servers are load balanced together and their databases are mirrored.

The servers share the performance requirements and if one server fails the other automatically takes over. When the failed server is put back on-line it automatically reconciles the data from the server that did not fail.

For eRES, we supply one dedicated server located at our facility that will handle your present companies performance requirements.

Our dedicated servers are connected directly to the Internet backbone network. The connection to the Internet provides unlimited data usage, there is never a usage charge for connection or data usage.

As your company grows and requires more performance we can install additional servers as required. The only cost to your company for additional severs is the per server per month cost for the server.

Our configuration allows for remote servers to be added by you no matter where in the world you would like to add an additional server or servers. We will install and maintain the remote servers. The additional cost is the per month maintenance cost, US$300.00, per server. Your company must supply the servers and connection to the Internet for these servers.

The facilities and rules where our dedicated servers are located have the following characteristics:

  • No installation, start-up, or discontinue fees.
  • Secure Facilities.
  • Two separate external power grids.
  • Auxiliary Power Generator.
  • Connection to the Internet with +150gb bandwidth.
  • Connections to Internet with multiple Internet backbone providers.
  • 365/24/7 available human support.
  • Upgrades to larger sized or additional server. There is no upgrade or installation charges but your company will be responsible for the cost of the additional hardware.
  • System back-ups are done each 24 hours, with passenger and cargo data backup on a real-time basis.
  • Back-up of each transaction is maintained in the mirror servers.
  • Data is not archived, all data is on-line and available at all times.

Client Terminals (Remote and Local)

Any Personal Computer, terminal, iPad, cellular telephone or Chrome Books connected to the Internet that has an Internet browser available, is sufficient for terminals.

System Programming

All required system programming for the servers are provided at no cost to your company.

Network Connections

If there is no connection to a reliable network you may need to connect via a satellite connection. eRES supports fully satellite connections with no changes or problems.

We recommend that you have, if possible, connection to two networks in case the primary network fails.

Electrical Supply

If in your countries electrical power is not reliable we recommend auxiliary back-up power generators.

Keep in mind that laptop computers all have the capabilty of using their batteries to remain on-line if the primary electrical source fails.

Do not overlook that if the oridarny power source fails the network usually goes down.

IT Personnel

With your request we will assign one or more of our IT personnel locally to your company for one or two months. Our IT personnel are capable of recommending what should be purchased, negotiations with the vendors and installations of all IT requirements of your company.

The assignment of our IT person can be a long as you want or until your IT personnel are able to handle your requirements. Your company must assume the travel and living expenses for our employees assigned locally.

If you require our IT personnel for more that on or two months you will have to put into place a fromal agreement.

Hardware Requirements At Each Location

Head Office

A personal computer and available printer for:

  • Each manager involved in the booking system.
  • Each accounting person.
  • Each employee involved in the booking system.

Booking/Cargo Offices

A personal computer and available printers for:

  • Each manager involved in the booking system.
  • Each employee involved in the booking system.

At terminals (check-in/boarding) normal laser printers so that the agents can print AWBs.

Reservation Center

A personal computer and available printer for:

  • Managers involved in the reservation process.
  • Each employee involved in the reservation process.

Terminal Check-In

An available personal computer and printer for:

  • Managers involved in the check-in process.
  • Each check-in agent in the check-in process. One normal printer for each 3 agents.

For cargo a label printer is recommended.

Each agent should have available a document scanner that will allow:

  • Scanning of the bar codes on the tickets, boarding passes, AWBs and Cargo Labels.
  • Scanning of the passengers passport or government issued photo ID.


Two personal computers:

  • One for boarding counter and one for boarding.
  • One normal laser printer for the boarding counter.
  • One document scanner for boarding.

Boarding should have a document scanner that will allow:

  • Scanning of the eTickets and/or boarding passes.

It takes less than 2 seconds, on the average, to board a passenger.


A personal computer and available printer for:

  • Each manager involved in operations.
  • Each employee involved in the operation process.

Off Site Reservations and Check-In

Larger hotels normally have an employee that handles reservations and advice for local tours and can also assist with reservations and travel information.

The hotels can become a travel agent and make reservations for their clients. It is also possible to do remote check-in for their clients.

To perform these operation the hotel only needs a personal computer connected to the Internet and have minimal training.

It is possible for the hotel to accept baggage for the passengers but most hotels do not want to become involved with baggage.

Detailed Information

We will supply a detailed list including manufacture, model and price for each area once we are selected to be involved in your company.

It is recommended to purchase locally if possible so that you can have local support.