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This section contains a description of the eRES Cargo application.

When your eRES cargo system is built we include all of the modules contained in the cargo application and any supporting applications that might be needed. Your system will only have activated the exact configuration required by your company.

If any time in the future you need something that is not activated in your cargo system we or you can activate it. Since eRES is built as a private cloud the eRES applications can be activated or de-activated at anytime without the need for any additional programming.

Up grading or down sizing is not a problem as all of our applications are based on standard modules and a standard ANSI rationalized SQL database. Since all eRES Cargo applications are available in your dedicated private cloud activation or de-activation only takes a few seconds.

Our programming is 100% Java and has no dependencies on outside applications. This allows our maintenance staff to respond quickly to any problem as we have no external dependencies. This also means our applications are 100% operating system independent.

The eRES cargo cloud has complete access to all other clouds which means all of your tools and applications are available to the data contained in the eRES cargo cloud. There is no longer any need for you to have servers in your organization.

Support of cell phones and tablets (iPAD and others) allow the entire system to be accessed remotely. Your clients and organization have complete access to all of eRES Cargo via their cell phones or tablets. This, for instance, means if one of your locations has no access to the Internet or electrical power the remote location can continue on-line via their cell phones and/or tablets. It also means that clients can make and monitor cargo bookings from anywhere in the world with their cell phones and tablets. Clients can access the cargo tracking report via Facebook and report problems or get information from Twitter.

We provide a service level agreement that guarantees 100 percent availability of the eRES Cargo system.