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The transportation industry in the past few decades has change radically in terms of systems that support all aspects of the transportation organizations. This change is due to the necessity to reduce the overhead cost of the hardware, programming systems and employees required with yesterday's approach and at the same time provide more and better functionality and support for your clients.

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eRES Bus/Coach (eRES) provides a transportation system that covers: bus/coach routes, charters and motor coach tours.

eRES innovations focus on improving customer experience and brings new possibilities to bus and coach passengers and cargo customers, enabling seamless end to end passenger information, better journey planning and modal interchange in both normal and disrupted modes.

In addition, eRES improves the experience for existing customers while increasing the number of passengers/journeys. Innovations not only bring value to your customers, but also drives revenue growth for your organization.

eRES is comprised of highly innovative upstream ideas that bring high potential benefit to the travel industry. These innovations promote significant advances in customer experience and eRES is deliverable within a short time frame, we guarantee that our part of the installation is done in 24 hours.

eRES has individual booking and accounting touch points in the on-line booking system for: the bus/coach line, travel agents. corporate clients and partners.

eRES addresses the following areas:

  • Public mass transit systems:
    • Coach transit systems
    • City systems
    • Charters
    • Rapid transit local systems
  • Commuter systems
  • Cargo/packages
  • Mail

eRES is a system that once you define the stations and pick-up locations, select the buses/coaches then you only need to define the days to operate, frequency of the routes, the starting date and end date and the system will automatically build a route, select from the availability pool the buses/coaches, define the fares, the total cost and automatically build the schedule for you.

We are so confident that our product will never fail we provide a service level agreement that guarantees 100 percent availability of the eRES coach system. If we fail we pay you for the time the system is not available.