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Cargo in warehouse

One of the most reliable and affordable ways to ship your cargo is with our airline.

With our connections throughout the the world, you can rest assured your shipment will reach its destination, just as you expect.

Contacting Us

To contact us for more information, to find the status of you shipment, or to arrange a delivery or pick-up
select here and choose the telephone number of the cargo office closest to you.


The cargo must be received by 6:00PM of the day prior to the next available flight for the requested destination.

Required Documentation

A commercial invoice, or a pro-forma commercial invoice must be sent together with the shipment.

Cargo in warehouse


Cargo is available for pick-up at its destination 30 minutes after arrival and we will gladly phone the recipient of the cargo if a phone number is provided.

Cargo must be picked up in 7 days after its arrival. Failure to do so will result in a charge of USD 0.02 per day per kilogram to be levied on the cargo.


Not acceptable are hazardous or restricted articles valuable cargo, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, perishables, drugs and human remains corpses, cremated or disinterred remains.

Register As A Cargo Agent

To register with our airline as a cargo agent or to be able to book cargo on-line select: Register As A Cargo Agent

Cargo Rates

When you ship cargo with us the system will automatically calculate the rate to be used in pricing your shipment.

We use both a fixed rate per kgs based on where you are shipping from and to and a volumetric weight calculation to determine the weight based on both weight and size of the item being shipped.

Cargo in warehouse

After both calculations are made we use the larger of the two weights to determine the cost of your shipment.

The procedure to manually calculate the rate of a cargo shipment uses the formula below to arrive at the volumetric weight.

Compare the actual weight to the volumetric weight. The larger of the two is used to then calculate the rate for the cargo being shipped.

Take the larger of the two and multiply it by the rate per kgs for the from and to cities in the chart and you will have the cost of the cargo being shipped. This does not include any taxes or charges.

Cargo Rate Calculator


Weight: Kg
WidthHeight Length
cm cm cm


Flight Schedules

To view the passenger flight schedule select Here.


The cargo planes can handle up t0 5,000lbs of cargo on a single flight. We will accept cargo shipments up to any size. Shipments over 5,000lbs will be split onto as many flights as necessary to handle the shipment.

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